Civil Engineering Consultants


We Make a Difference – CEC makes a positive difference whenever we are involved, making the world a better place and improving the quality of people’s lives.  Our values are:


Integrity and Ethical Behavior – We conduct ourselves ethically in all we do, endeavoring to integrate our values in every aspect of our individual and corporate lives, always holding paramount our duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.


Honesty – We are honest in all of our dealings, whether they are with clients, co-workers, or the public at large.  We endeavor to do what we say we will do; when circumstances do not allow us to keep our commitments, we communicate with those affected at the earliest possible time.


Quality – Quality is an integral part of all that we do and a defining characteristic of the enduring legacy of CEC.  We define quality as meeting client expectations for consistency and excellence in our documents and deliverables, business processes, professional practices, working relationships, as well as the final results and outcomes achieved.


Success – We conduct ourselves in a professional business-like manner to produce results that meet or exceed the financial and growth expectations of our shareholders, employees, clients, sub-consultants and vendors, and our bankers.


Cooperation – We work together as a Team for the ultimate success of the company.


Respect – We endeavor to earn the respect of those we deal with by being competent, honest and ethical in all we do.  We treat others with respect whether they are our clients, our co-workers, our competitors or the public.


Family – Because healthy families are more likely to produce successful citizens, we support business practices that support healthy families and family values.  We consider it important for members of our employees’ families —especially their children—to understand and appreciate the contributions our employees make in and through their jobs.  Accordingly, we nurture the relationships between our employees’ families and our company.


Our overarching vision is to become our target clientele’s ‘First Choice’ provider for civil engineering, surveying, and construction quality management.