Surveying & Mapping

CEC’s team of Registered Professional Land Surveyors directs surveying crews complete with modern field equipment. These crews are routinely dispatched across the State providing surveying services which include topography, boundary, oil and gas related surveys, ALTA/ACSM, right-of-way and easement surveys, as-built surveys, and construction staking.
How CEC Made the Difference:
For the Rio Grande Valley Border Fence, the biggest issue was the time constraint driven by a congressional mandate to complete the fence as soon as possible. CEC immediately formed a team consisting of 3 surveying firms, and deployed enough assets to get the project complete in the allotted time.
Rio Grande Valley Border Fence
Laredo, TX
Featured Surveying & Mapping Projects:
Our overarching vision is to become our target clientele’s ‘First Choice’ provider for civil engineering, surveying, and construction quality management.