CEC has the experience and expertise to meet today’s stormwater regulations with flexible, cost-effective solutions. Our team members are experts in the field of hydrology and hydraulics, working on projects from simple drainage designs to major flood control works.
How CEC Made the Difference:

CEC performed a detailed hydrologic and hydraulic study to determine the low chord of two new bridges for the Roland Avenue project. CEC developed unsteady flow models to analyze the existing and proposed conditions, allowing simulation of the interflow between the East and West Branches of the creek. HEC-HMS 2.2.2 was used to develop design storm hydrographs. A corrected effective model was developed to be used as a basis for the proposed model. The corrected model included revisions to Manning’s n-values, the addition of lateral weirs to allow flow between the reaches, the addition of geometric data at missing structures within the study area, and additional channel cross-sections.

Roland Avenue

San Antonio, TX

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