Civil Engineering Consultants


At Civil Engineering Consultants (CEC), we have designed an organizational structure that allows us to work on a variety of projects without compromising our ability to provide each of our clients with great service. Each of our divisions is managed by a Senior Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Professional Land Surveyor and is staffed with teams of dedicated industry professionals. This structure enables staff members to provide superior service as experts in particular markets, while creating a diversified and robust body of work that encourages corporate collaboration, creativity, and learning.


When the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) became frustrated with the lack of progress made by another engineering firm, they retained CEC to assume responsibility for the completion of the project. Our Infrastructure Division immediately marshaled the resources required to not only finish the design on a fast-track basis, but also to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the original design concept. As a result, CEC identified changes that reduced the final construction cost by fifteen (15) percent. While we may not always be able to achieve such significant results, we apply the same approach to every project – bring together the right resources appropriate for the project’s key drivers, whether schedule, budget, or complexity; expand our outlook to make sure the client gets the best long-term value; and do the job right.