Civil Engineering Consultants

Wastewater Engineering

The Water Cycle is dependent upon the acquisition of clean water as well as the transportation and treatment of wastewater back to the river and streams to keep the populace from being thirsty in a healthy manner.
CEC has extensive experience in the design and construction management of sanitary sewer lines, lift stations, and waste water treatment facilities to support the continued supply of this life-giving resource. Our staff have been in the development of recycled water systems that provide an alternative to the more expensive process of water transportation and/or treatment.

This project included sanitary sewer rehabilitation for 94,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer, and  14,000 linear feet of new water lines in southeast San Antonio.  The project involves sewers from 6” to 24” and provides open cut construction, pipe bursting rehabilitation, and cured in place rehabilitation based on the condition

CEC was selected to perform the services of construction manager for the City of Boerne’s Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Center (WWTRC).  The WWTRC is located on a 12.5 acre site that was an old farm on Old San Antonio Road.  The project consisted of a Junction Box, Lift Station, Headwork’s, BNR