Civil Engineering Consultants

Urban Design & Planning

The challenge in creating master-planned communities is to take essential services and develop solutions to infrastructure needs to provide clients the maximum flexibility in meeting their project goals for development of the property.
CEC endeavours to create distinctive places that resolve issues effectively and aesthetically. This vision requires understanding of land use, development policies and procedures that are employed for the welfare of the public. For such projects, CEC strives to make a positive impact on the bottom line, in terms of ease of construction, cost efficiency, and appeal to tenants and
CEC team members are skilled at navigating through an increasingly complex maze of regulatory requirements to limit risks and enhance possibilities. In all our work, we are guided by strong ethical principles and a cooperative spirit with our client, design team, construction partners, and the regulatory community

This enhancement project involved the reconstruction of several city streets including hike and bike lanes as well as portions with a separated hike and bike trail and various landscaping and roadway improvements.  In addition to the hike and bike trail thru the Riverside golf course, we designed the golf cart

CEC led a design team compromised of urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, architects, and structural engineers to assist the San Antonio River Authority in designing the restoration of a 3,400-foot section of the San Antonio River Walk originally designed by landscape architect Robert H.H. Hugman, frequently credited with articulating the

CEC lead the design team that provided the City of Kerrville with professional service on this enhancement improvement project.  The project was composed in three parts.  The fist phases focuses on downtown Kerrville at the intersection of State Highway 16 and 27, and it provides for pedestrian and bicycle enhancements,