Civil Engineering Consultants

Construction Management

CEC offers a complete package of construction related service for completing projects on time by monitoring contractors’ milestones, manpower and construction schedules. CEC assists clients with a wide range of construction-related services including construction administration, inspection, and as-built drawings.
CEC has extensive experience with submittal review and approvals, inspection services, material testing coordination, status reports, change order documentation, invoice control, QA/QC programs, obtaining bids from qualified contractors, tabulating bids, making recommendations for award of contracts, preparing contracts and processing contractor’s requests for payment.

This $66 Million Urban Freeway project is on the east side of San Antonio, from Foster Road to Graytown Road.  The project constructs a new overpass at Woodlake Parkway, converts the frontage roads from two way to one way in order to improve access and safety, relocating entrance and exit

CEC was selected to perform the services of construction manager for the City of Boerne’s Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Center (WWTRC).  The WWTRC is located on a 12.5 acre site that was an old farm on Old San Antonio Road.  The project consisted of a Junction Box, Lift Station, Headwork’s, BNR

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (ARMA) had oversight responsibilities for the construction of the southern half of the 281/1604 interchange, which was contracted as a design build contract with Williams Brothers Construction. As part of the General Engineering Contract, CEC as a subconsultant provided “Oversight” construction phase services to the