Civil Engineering Consultants

Aerial & Mobile LiDAR Support Systems


CEC’s mobile mapping system combines LiDAR with geo-referenced high resolution panoramic photographs to meet accuracy required for engineering design grade applications. Mobile LiDAR offers our clients the ability to capture dense point clouds of data in a relatively short period of time. With appropriate planning and ground control, we can achieve survey grade accuracies of approximately two centimeters with vehicles speeds of up to 55 mph that can be performed day or night. By collecting the data remotely, worker and public safety is increased by removing the need to put crews directly into traffic and/or having to shut down any traffic lanes that is normally required by traditional surveying activities. Due to so much information being collected at the time of the survey, additional mobilization costs are eliminated in order pick up something that may have been missed or thought of after the survey is complete.


CEC’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and LiDAR mapping platform allows for the acquisition of rich data sets over large acreage in a relatively short period of time. An average of 75 acres of land can be covered in one mission flight. Over 700,000 points per second is collected at low altitude flights which allows for increased vegetation penetration and accurate ground data gathering. Geo-referenced ortho mosaic photos are also collected for up-to-date site imagery.

CEC obtained Aerial LiDAR data and performing a boundary, tree, and improvement survey of approximately 15 acres along Escondido Creek in support of Architectural and Civil Engineering design efforts of a public park. Deliverables included a 3D drawing consisting of a DTM at 1-foot contours, tree locates and existing improvements.