Civil Engineering Consultants


Experience forms the basis for how we approach our work. We have used that experience to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and communities for over three decades. The experiences we gain from working for a wide range of clients – from individuals to small communities, to large governmental agencies – expose us to new ideas, techniques, and solutions. Working collaboratively with other professional from the fields of construction, architecture, art, accounting, science, and public relations, we help design comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

The San Antonio River Improvements Projects from Houston to Lexington exemplifies the value our experience offers in providing comprehensive, holistic design solutions to communities. The team headed by Civil Engineering Consultants performed the design of engineering improvements to preserve the integrity of the San Antonio River pilot channel, an essential component of our city’s flood control system. Our careful restoration of the original 1941 construction while integrating local artisans’ creations and accessibility ramps into a park further the River Walk’s charm as a favorite destination of tourists and San Antonio residents.