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Since the Cro-Magnon Man first found shelter in a cave, people have always wanted place to rest, raise their families and call their own. Today’s residential communities vary from large acreage tract to the condominiums located in the center of bustling metropolitan cities. Each type of residential form of development requires a knowledge of the rules and regulations as well as the features that each form of residence must contain or the development will not prosper.
CEC is actively engaged in the development of the regulations where these criteria are discussed and formulated. This intimate knowledge gives our staff the ability to design residential projects effectively and economically.

Madera Subdivision is an established community with 44 lots located at the intersection of Stahl Road and Higgins Road. Construction plans were prepared for approximately 1,700 LF of residential street, sanitary sewer and water, and drainage improvements. Replatting of the site included updating designation of roads/ROWs, providing access to public

The Ridge at Bandera is an established community with 194 lots within Units 1-4 located along Highway 16. CEC performed a boundary survey, obtained topographic information for the site and prepared construction plans for the project which consisted of lot grading and approximately 6,800 LF of residential street, sanitary sewer,

Crescent Pointe is a 137-acre, multi-use subdivision in College Station that includes apartments, townhomes, professional offices and banking institutions. It involves multiple phases that will be developed over a period of several years. The development required a master plan approach for the design and construction of utility, drainage and transportation

Belterra Subdivision Unit 3 is a single family residential project comprised of 16 acres, 69 single family residential lots, and approximately 2,700 lineal feet of residential street, sanitary sewer, water and drainage improvements. This is the third and last unit of the project which is located at the intersection of

Located in Boerne, Herff Ranch Boulevard connects from the north at Highway 46 in Kendall County to a segment designed by CEC to provide access to multiple units within the Trails at Herff Ranch Subdivision, a KB Home single-family residential community.   CEC’s role was to provide a roadway design including