Civil Engineering Consultants

Master Planning

A well-conceived master plan is both visionary and feasible. It provides general guidelines for the urban structure and land use in the part or whole area of the area under consideration as well as it should arrange utilities so that they function well together. A master plan can also be prepared to guide land use and construction in a given area.
The master plan outlines the principles underlying the desired development and demonstrates the necessary areas that provide the basis for detailed land use planning, other planning and construction as well as land use itself. CEC has the experience that can bring a thoughtful and balanced approach to these efforts.

CEC was a part of the team of engineers and planners employed by the City of San Antonio Aviation Department to update the Airport Master Plan for this general aviation facility. CEC provided digital aerial surveying, and prepared a report on the condition of the existing roadways, storm drainage, water,

The City of La Vernia selected CEC to perform a capital improvements plan and to determine an impact fee for their water system. Presentations were made to various committees on the capital improvement plan and the final plan was adopted in 2010. An update of the plan was accomplished in

For over six decades, the construction of a simple, pleasant and easy to follow route that people could follow to get to the missions of San Antonio had been an elusive dream of many in San Antonio. CEC helped the City of San Antonio secure an MPO planning grant for