The success of a firm is largely the result of the efforts of a team; how well that team works together and how well each individual does their job. 

—Don Durden, Founder

From the roads we drive on, to the schools our children attend, to the water we drink from the tap in our home, all of these were made possible by the design and planning of civil engineers and surveyors.

Since 1983, Civil Engineering Consultants (CEC) has prioritized making a positive difference and improving quality of life for the great state of Texas. Our employees specialize in a wide variety of professional civil engineering, construction management, and surveying services, catering to both public and private projects.
Since inception, founder Don Durden recognized San Antonio’s potential for growth due to a combination of strong municipal leadership, effective agency coordination between the City, County, State, and utility owners, military presence, tourism, and proximity to Mexico and major coastal ports. Today, CEC has locations in Laredo and College Station that provide the same customer service and quality of life promotion as our headquarters in San Antonio.

CEC is a civil engineering, construction management and surveying firm founded on April 18, 1983 in San Antonio, Texas. At that time, the staff consisted of just three people – two project engineers and a draftsman.

Since then, we have expanded geographically to include offices in Bryan/College Station and Laredo. Our staff has grown to its present size and is now composed of engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, computer technicians, and support personnel. Despite our growth, our primary objective continues to be to provide quality services at a reasonable price. Our practical approach, our cooperative attitude, and the timeliness with which we execute our duties compel many of our clients to repeatedly request CEC to provide them with professional engineering and surveying services. 

We were founded with an important set of principles:

  • Provide a quality product
  • Be an integral part of the client’s team
  • Bring integrity to each and every job
  • Have respect for clients and fellow employees
  • Strive to exceed the goals set forth by our clients.

The continued success of CEC is the result of implementing these principles on every project.

The original CEC logo (1983)

We Make a Difference:

CEC makes a positive difference whenever we are involved, making the world a better place and improving the quality of people’s lives.  Our values are:
Our overarching vision is to become our target clientele’s ‘First Choice’ provider for civil engineering, surveying, and construction quality management.