Civil Engineering Consultants

Roadway & Utilities | San Antonio International Airport Terminal Expansion Program

CEC served as the civil engineer for the construction of the new roadways and utilities to serve Terminals B and future Terminal C. This project completed the two-level roadway concept that is standard for modern terminal design which began in 1980 with the construction of Terminal A. The upper level roadway that serves enplaning passengers included a 1,875 foot long bridge and ramp that varied from 42 feet to 48 feet in width while the lower level roadway that serves deplaning passengers was 3,800 feet in length and varied from four lanes to seven lanes in width. The project also included the construction of 5,010 linear feet of 12 inch to 48 inch R.C.P. storm drains, traffic signals and pavement markings. Since the roadway also served as the utility corridor for the terminals and adjoining parking garages, the contract included the installation of 2,164 linear feet of 10 inch to 18 inch sanitary sewer, 1, 320 lineal feet of 18 inch sanitary sewer inside a 30 inch bore with steel casing pipe, and 1,132 lineal feet of 6 inch sewer force main, 2,950 lineal feet of 4 inch gas main, and 1,480 lineal feet of 4 inch to 12 inch water lines with the necessary gate values, detector check valves and other appurtenances.