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Kerrville Airport Improvements | Kerrville, Texas

The project includes the relocation of a portion of Taxiway A, the extension of Taxiway E to the new location of Taxiway A, the reconstruction of 1,200 feet of Runway 3-21, and 1,600 feet of Taxiway F. The project also included the construction of new storm drain culverts and channel. Additionally, the project involved the evaluation of four different alternative alignments for Taxiways to allow the construction of a CAT 1 ILS, part of a separate contract. TxDOT Aviation and the City of Kerrville decided to reconstruct the new portion of Taxiway A at an off set of 400 feet from the centerline of Runway 12-30 with the future reconstruction of the remainder of the taxiway at a greater separation when the runway is lengthened and the Glide Slope Critical Area can be regarded. The design of a new entrance road was completed to facilitate the further taxiway relocation.