Civil Engineering Consultants

Arrow S Ranch Runway Rehabilitation | Atascosa County, Texas

The project consisted of the rehabilitation of a private runway located on a ranch in south Texas that measures 5,000 feet long by 50 feet wide. This required the development of a pavement structure that utilized the existing materials that was mixed with a tiller-type mixer and cement.  CEC utilized a geotechnical firm to sample the existing pavement, report the current thickness, and test the materials in the laboratory.  These results were used to develop the pavement structure.


The construction sequencing consisted of rough grading the foundation, mix in cement, compacting it, finish grade the foundation, and moisture cured for a three- to four-day period. The foundation was then micro-cracked with a double drum steel wheel vibratory roller that made five to six passed in the vibratory mode. This was performed to reduce the chances of any foundation cracks migrating to the surface.  The foundation was covered with an emulsion seal and fine graded aggregate followed by a SuperPave hot mix being placed on the surface which had a greater than normal asphalt content and coarser aggregate gradation to aid in the long-term performance and stability of the hot mix.  The runway then received pavement markings to complete the project.