Civil Engineering Consultants

Airside Apron & Utilities, San Antonio International Airport Terminal Expansion Program (Project 8, Volume 2)

CEC designed the second construction package to reconstruct the existing apron and drainage facilities for the construction of Terminal B and future Terminal C. This project constructed the new apron that will be to the west of future Terminal C. Because of this phasing, CEC had to design temporary and permanent construction barriers that included Airport Obstruction Lights to prevent aircraft from traveling over an abrupt change in grade. This project included the construction of 1,210 square yards of 12” thick Portland Cement Concrete Pavement and 22,180 square yards of 16” thick Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, 22,180 square yards of 10” thick cement treated base, and 830 linear feet of 42” to 48” Reinforced Concrete Pipe, and storm drainage inlets. To facilitate the construction, the contractor also demolished 22,180 square yards of concrete apron and cement treated base, 990 linear feet of 12” to 36” storm drains and a decommissioned oil/water separator and its appurtenances. The construction also required the installation and removal of temporary pavement markings as well as the final pavement markings.