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Sustainable & LEED

Many in the industry believe that sustainable development is essential in today’s infrastructure. CEC was founded in 1983 with a vision is to be a company that makes a positive difference, makes our communities a better place and improves the quality of life for people – our clients, our employees and our fellow citizens. The continuity of purpose has nurtured a sustainable culture within our staff.
CEC will work with you to create efficient and functional solutions for buildings, sites, and the surrounding communities. The firm is dedicated to providing sustainable designs that meet the needs of the present without compromising those of the future.

CEC led a team of urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, environmental and regulatory compliance consultants, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers, working in part for the City of San Antonio and in part for the San Antonio River Authority to design this critical link connecting San Antonio’s famous River Walk with

CEC led a design team compromised of urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, architects, and structural engineers to assist the San Antonio River Authority in designing the restoration of a 3,400-foot section of the San Antonio River Walk originally designed by landscape architect Robert H.H. Hugman, frequently credited with articulating the

The Returning Heroes Home is a 12,000 square foot replacement building for the original Warrior and Family Services Center called the “SFAC” (Soldier and Family Assistance Center) located adjacent to the Brook Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston. At a reduced cost, CEC provided civil engineering and surveying for