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Retail & Commercial

While the location of a person’s residence is most important to them, next are the locations for stores for food, clothing, gasoline, entertainment and all of the other essential elements that everyone wants. The location of these businesses with respect to homes and workplaces along with the ease of access to the roadway system is critical to the success of the enterprises.
Our staff have been engaged in determining the best site for these facilities and then turning the concept into reality. We have designed grocery stores, shopping centers, gasoline stations, car washes and the facilities that support their operations.

Located at the intersection of Schertz Parkway and Lookout Road, this 620,000 square foot distribution center was built over 90 acres. Design included visitor/staff parking consisting of 35 acres of pavement, trailer parking, fuel islands and maintenance building.  CEC provided boundary and topographic surveying.  CEC prepared the construction plans for

The project included site development of 120 acre tract of land for warehouse/office buildings ranging from 315,000 s.f. to 500,000 s.f. CEC provided design infrastructure for site including drainage, utilities, streets, parking and grading.

CEC performed the site engineering services for the construction of the Arion Business Park Building 16 (approximately 38,500 s.f.) and associated parking facility.  CEC provided the development rights permits, drainage study, updating topographic database, and the site package, which includes site plans and traffic impact analysis.

In order to meet the increasing demand for hotel space, restaurants and shopping, local developers proposed this 27 acre, commercial and residential development along University Drive. The development includes 10 restaurants, 2 hotels, a multi-family condominium and future sites for small boutique shops in the surrounding area. It has become