Aerial & Mobile LiDAR

CEC’s LiDAR Support Systems offer our clients the ability to capture dense point clouds of data in a relatively short period of time. By utilizing this technology, we can provide extremely accurate results within a short time. This saves our clients time and money, while providing a safer work environment for our employees. 
How CEC Made the Difference:

For Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway, CEC used mobile LiDAR to determine as-built existing conditions of the streets and terrestrial 3D laser scanning to model the bridge. In addition, 3D laser scanning was used to map the as-built conditions of the existing storm drainage system because existing as-built plans could not be located. The significant amount of detail contained within the point cloud allowed for better coordination between the entire design team, including heights and offsets of existing power lines located adjacent to the bridge.

Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway

San Antonio, TX

Featured Aerial & Mobile LiDAR Projects:
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